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SORs: Lords will vote today

Updated noontime

The House of Lords debate and vote this evening will be accompanied by a demonstration outside.

First the official Order Paper:

Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007
Baroness Andrews to move that the draft Regulations laid before the House on 13 March be approved. 12th Report from the Statutory Instruments Committee and 14th Report from the Merits Committee (Dinner break business)

Baroness O’Cathain to move, as an amendment to the above motion, to leave out all the words after “that” and insert “this House, having regard to the widespread concerns that the draft Regulations compromise religious liberty and will result in litigation over the content of classroom teaching, and having regard to the legality of the equivalent regulations for Northern Ireland, declines to approve the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007.”

Now the demonstration:

Anglican Mainstream Christians Called to Join Prayer Vigil Against Gay Rights Law

Today’s press coverage:
The Times Greg Hurst and Ruth Gledhill Peer seeks to block gay rights rules and more letters to the editor at Clash over sexual orientation.

From the Telegraph blogs, Jonathan Isaby asks Were senior Tory rebels nobbled?

Malcolm Duncan of Faithworks writes on his blog, The SORs: make up your own mind!

What the PM’s Official Spokesperson said about the alleged lack of debate from Downing Street Says

zefrog has Fundamentalist Vigil Outside Parliament on Wednesday

Craig Nelson has The Christian Right plans another torch-lit “rally”

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was on the BBC radio programme Today (listen here), see BBC report Gay adoption vote due for Lords and Zefrog has Murphy-O’Connor on Today. Also, see Could someone in the press actually read the Equality Act (2006)? on rhetorically speaking..

Kerron Cross has Sexual Orientation Regulations – Mass Lobby or Mass Hysteria?

The Evangelical Alliance has a press release: Christians should join in prayer as the House of Lords makes a decision on the Sexual Orientation Regulations

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Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

Baroness O’Cathain moves: “…the widespread concerns that the draft Regulations compromise religious liberty and will result in litigation over the content of classroom teaching…”

Do have a look at this You Tube movie from yesterday:

(and don’t forget to read the comments ;=)

A concerted move.

matthew hunt
matthew hunt
17 years ago

It is all a bit frightening, but worthwhile – better that things be brought to light. Better those, who feel so passionately that a particular type of person be cast out, should have a chance to make clear their passionate hatred. Better people should see it. Better they see that underlying vicousness which many of us have been living with all our lives. Imagine you are the subject of the link Goran gave us in the first comment. Imagine they are using that scenario to justify making you an outcast. I saw a clip just yesterday of a guy interviewing… Read more »

matthew hunt
matthew hunt
17 years ago

BTW Simon,

You do realize that the people who would protest this legislation are statistically likely to be sarcasm-insensate and so will view the cartoon as signalling this site’s support of their cause?

Opps! Unless I am sarcasm-oversensate and have misread both the cartoon and its use here. Oh dear. How awkward.


Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

Thanks for the hyper link Goran–and my god is it hyper !

I hope no-one will miss it ! A cross between the people who brought us’The League of Gentlemen’ and ‘Wil Cwac Cwac’ ! (Perhaps,this might have been better in Welsh too, like Wil Cwac Cwac ! ; – )

“Ten daddies all having sex with each other !” —give us a break pleeeeaze !


I want my home work ……………..

17 years ago

I find the mendacity of the You-Tube item quite breath-taking. As the Faithworks leaflet makes perfectly clear, today’s Lord’s debate has no bearing whatever on the school curriculum. That is a totally separate issue (see point 12 in the Faithworks pdf document). Today’s issue is about the people to whom services are provided, and that alone.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

I hear that the Lords have voted FOR SORs !

(On Soul Space site !)

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