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Scottish General Synod Day 1

The 2008 meeting of the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church opened today. The afternoon session included a debate on the Anglican Covenant. The main motion (number 3) before synod was

That this Synod affirm an ‘in principle’ commitment to the Covenant process at this time (without committing itself to the details of any text).

This was amended to

That this Synod affirm an ‘in principle’ commitment to continue to participate actively in discussions regarding the future shape of the Anglican Communion at this time (without necessarily committing itself to the concept of a convenant).

The amended motion was carried (65 votes for; 56 against).

There are a number of reports on the day’s business on the Church’s website.

Written reports
General Synod 2008 – Thursday 12 June – contains the text of the Primus’s charge to the synod
General Synod 2008 – Thursday 12 June – day’s proceedings

Verbal reports (about five minutes each) on the morning and afternoon sessions
Synod Update 2008 Noon 12 June 2008
Synod Update 2008 5pm 12 June 2008

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Columba Gilliss
Columba Gilliss
16 years ago

Thank you for sharing the Primus’ address. It would be well for us all to read it careful. However, he does make an error of fact. Here in America the bishops do not create their won hand-picked cabinets. The diocese in convention elects the Standing Committee and by various means selects a wider council — which, confusingly, is known by a range of titles. A bishop may, of course consult with others but consultation and consent of one or both of these bodies is required in substantive matters.

16 years ago

Scota wha hae and all that.

Scotland proudly and properly proclaims her independence again!

16 years ago

Just *how much* must the corpse of the Anglican Covenant “stinketh”, before Rowan Cantuar realizes it’s dead?

16 years ago

Oh that main motion 3 amendment is much better. No longer is the Convenant assumed. The Scots know the politico-religious geography of course, with all the events going on, and where they may find themselves after GAFCON and a Lambeth that shows fear and conservatism, even without resolutions.

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