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General Synod – reports on day three

Revised Thursday 00.30 GMT and 12.55 GMT

The official summary of the morning’s business is at General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Wednesday 11th February 2009 PM.

The official summary of the afternoon’s business is at General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Wednesday 11th February 2009 AM.

Ruth Gledhill and Alastair Cutting (or Justin Brett) and Peter Ould have been blogging during the morning debate.
General Synod Feb 09: Day Three
Women Bishops: Blogging It Live
Live Blogging Synod

Guardian Riazat Butt Church of England will not see first female bishops until 2014

BBC Women bishops pass first hurdle

Religious Intelligence Toby Cohen General Synod vote sees women bishops take a step closer

Dave Walker has a cartoon about it, here. He also posted this.

Matthew Davies ENS Church of England inches closer to approving women bishops

Reuters Avril Ormsby Synod avoids cataclysm over women bishops

Water Bills

The same three bloggers are here, here, and here.

Martin Beckford Church ‘raintax’ is crippling parishes, admits head of Ofwat

Not actually a report from synod, but relevant is this Guardian report, Minister orders water companies to review huge ‘rainwater tax’ bills by Jenny Percival.

Waste water cartoon by Dave Walker

Ruth Gledhill The Times Churches face closure over water bills

Uniqueness of Christ

Peter Ould blogged here.

Ruth Gledhill The Times Anglicans called on to convert non-Christian believers

Martin Beckford Telegraph Christianity in decline because of political correctness

Later reports:

Guardian Riazat Butt Church throws open female bishops dispute and a sidebar, Women in the church

Church Times blog Dave Walker Video and news links from General Synod Day 4

Martin Beckford A new anti-atheist bus slogan coined at General Synod

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Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Justin Brett seems to have covered the debate on Women and The Espicopate quite well. At least, the measure was not turned down – in fact, it was significantly approved by a 2/3 majority. Now that we all have to wait another year to see what the Revision Committee can come up with, it still needs a good deal of discussion, prayer and thought – not only among the members of General Synod but also in the general constituency of Church membership. Most people outside of the Church can hardly understand what the fuss is all about. They have accepted… Read more »

Rev L Roberts
Rev L Roberts
15 years ago

Most of those inside the church also fail to understand all the fuss –but then they don’t sit on synods and stuff.

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