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Equality Bill: Clause 3

The bishops have not expressed any interest in Clause 3, the one which deals with discrimination on the ground of Religion or Belief. Here’s how it reads at present:

Other requirements relating to religion or belief

3. A person (A) with an ethos based on religion or belief does not contravene a provision mentioned in paragraph 1(2) by applying in relation to work a requirement to be of a particular religion or belief if A shows that, having regard to that ethos and to the nature or context of the work—
(a) it is an occupational requirement,
(b) the application of the requirement is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim, and
(c) the person to whom A applies the requirement does not meet it (or A has reasonable grounds for not being satisfied that the person meets it).

There are five amendments listed.

Amendment 101ZA Baroness Turner of Camden

in para (a) leave out “an” and insert “a genuine”

Amendment 101A Baroness Turner of Camden

at end insert—
“(d) A is not operating as a public authority, on behalf of a public authority or operating in relation to a contract with public authorities.”

Amendment 101B Lord Lester of Herne Hill

at end insert—
“Paragraph 3 does not apply when A is operating—
(a) on behalf of a public authority, and
(b) under the terms of contract between the organisation and the public authority.”

Amendment 101C Baroness Turner of Camden

at end insert—
“The exception under paragraph 3 shall not be used to justify discrimination on any other protected ground.”

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