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consents sought for Springfield election

A new bishop for the Diocese of Springfield was elected recently. See the official announcement: The Rev. Daniel Hayden Martins elected the 11th Bishop of Springfield.

There have been objections to his election, and rather unusually a diocese in which he had previously served has been one of those raising them. See Bishop Jerry Lamb and Standing Committee send letter regarding consent of Bishop-elect Dan Martins.

This was all reported by ENS in SAN JOAQUIN: Bishop, Standing Committee raise ‘grave concerns’ about Springfield election.

Others however have spoken up in his support, starting with his current diocesan, Bishop Edward Little: see Bishop Little on Dan Martins.

And also the group known as Concerned Laity of the Springfield Diocese.

And there is another letter of support from a group of people who are deputies to General Convention and /or on Executive Council.

Fr Dan Martins has himself been a blogger for some years, see Confessions of a Carioca.

It’s all a very far cry from the hidden machinations of the Crown Nominations Commission.

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John B. Chilton
9 years ago

Ditto your last sentence, Simon.

9 years ago

I’m so thankful that, in TEC, we have the democratic consents process.

And, in this case, I’m particularly glad to NOT be one responsible for voting! ;-/

I trust the process. People of goodwill differ, but all things will work together for good—whether Fr Martins receives consents to become bishop, or not.

Fred Schwartz
Fred Schwartz
9 years ago

There are several posting on Real Anglicans including a posting comparing the career of Fr. Joel Miller and Father Dan Martins — two old nemeses.

Göran Koch-Swahne
9 years ago

Prayers ascending!

Prior Aelred
9 years ago

Here is an interesting piece from Real Anglicans:

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