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Opinion – 8 November 2017

Lizzie Lowrie Saltwater and Honey A Letter to the Churches

Tim Crane The Times Literary Supplement Join the club – what religion is and isn’t.

Richard Mammana Mockingbird Praying Twice

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love By what authority?

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Janet Fife
Janet Fife

Congratulations to Lizzie Lowrie and Richard Mammana on their excellent pieces. Thoughtful, moving and well written.


Another interesting and thoughtful article by Fr Colin Coward. One wonders by what authority Fr Colin would justify a change in the definition of marriage, for instance. Tom Wright, who he quotes with admiration, warns of the dangers of same-sex marriage and compares such a change with Nazi Germany. Whilst Fr Coward may agree on Dr Wright’s definition of “by what authority”, it seems clear their authority reaches widely different conclusions.

Stanley Monkhouse

Richard Mammana’s piece moves me intensely. How could it not move anyone? I recommend to anyone interested Mark Stibbe’s “Home at last: freedom from boarding school pain.” Our two boys boarded as choristers at Southwell and Ripon cathedral choir schools for three and four years respectively in the late 1980s and early 1990s—not because we wanted a cheap way into a fee paying school, as many parents said they did, but because I wanted them to have what I thought I would have liked myself—exposure to good music and a good musical training. They certainly had that, no question. To… Read more »

Colin Coward

FrDavidH, I was quoting Tom Wright, yes, but not necessarily with admiration – with a degree of gratitude, possibly – and on this occasion but not on others.

Fr Andrew
Fr Andrew


Anybody can have an occasional good day: Colin C clearly caught the former Bishop of Durham on one of those.

Colin is more gracious than I am. I would suggest that anyone who can be as offensive as to equate equal marriage to the fascist gangsters who sent gay men to the concentration camps debases anything he might say or write by association, no matter how good a scholar he may or may not be.