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Reporting of Rochester

First press reports, following the publication today of the report Women Bishops in the Church of England?

Anglicans consider men-only branch by Paul Majendie for Reuters

Synod must decide on women bishops
and Mixed Response to Women Bishops Report by Tim Moynihan for PA News

‘Men-only branch’ plan for Church on BBC News
together with Head to head: Women bishops and Flying bishop backs ‘third province’

Church of England moves a step closer to accepting women bishops by Nicholas Pyke in the Independent

Church considers men-only option by Jackie Dent in The Times

‘Men-only’ Church proposal in bishop’s report in the Telegraph

Press releases by lobbying groups:

WATCH WATCH welcomes Rochester report and backs option for full equality for women bishops

Forward in Faith Forward in Faith reacts to Rochester Report

Inclusive Church Yes to women bishops. No to a third province

Church Society press release not yet on their website so reproduced below the fold here.

A response to the Rochester Report from the Council of Church Society.

If the Church of England proceeds to consecrate women as Bishops then it will act ultra vires. The doctrines, canons and legal establishment of the Church mean that it has no power to establish something that is contrary to Holy Scripture.
The New Testament clearly teaches that leadership in the churches should be exercised by men.
This pattern is not a result of prejudice or inequality. It is an expression of the fact that God has made men and women with different yet complementary gifts and roles.
Leadership in the churches should not have anything to do with importance, power or prestige; rather it is about service and should be modelled on Christ.
Following, and we believe partly as a result of, the innovation of ordaining women as priests, decline in the Church of England accelerated. In the last decade the number of men going into full-time ministry has more than halved, and the numbers of men and children in congregations has fallen by around twenty percent.
The consecration of women as Bishops will exacerbate the problems. Numerous clergy and parishes will be unable in conscience to accept their ministry because it is self evidently against the teaching of Scripture. This will disenfranchise and victimise ordinary Anglicans who believe the Bible.
It is vital to be faithful to the Word of God. For the Church of England to have any value in the modern world it must teach the Bible faithfully.
Anglicanism requires the oversight of Bishops who are men of God, and who through the power of the Holy Spirit teach and live in accordance with God’s Word. In the absence of such Bishops loyal Anglicans will take whatever steps are necessary to remain faithful to the plain teaching of Scripture.