Thursday, 23 October 2003

ECUSA presiding bishop writes

This evening, Frank Griswold has issued a document For the Primates of the Anglican Communion. Earlier, he had issued this A Word to the Church addressed to ECUSA members.
In tonight’s document he says

As I promised you, upon my return to the United States I spoke with Canon Robinson and shared with him the deep concern that so many of you expressed and the gravity of what may lie ahead. In my conversation with him, and in public comments, he has expressed both his anguish and his continuing sense that he is called to go forward.

I must tell you that at this point there is every reason to believe the consecration will take place on November 2 as scheduled. I appreciate that when the consecration takes place, as we said in our statement: “…we will have reached a crucial and critical point in the life of the Anglican Communion.” As much as this is true, the prediction made in the statement that the Communion’s future “will be put in jeopardy” will not, I pray, come to pass. I believe it is for us to live into this unknown future in faith knowing that, as we declared in our statement, “…what we hold in common is much greater than that which divides us…” It is my hope and my prayer that the Spirit of truth, who makes known to us the mind of Christ, will be our guide as each of us in our own context seeks to embody and proclaim the gospel of the One who is our Truth.

In the earlier document he said, among other things:

One paragraph of the statement reads as follows: Whilst we reaffirm the teaching of successive Lambeth Conferences that bishops must respect the autonomy and territorial integrity of dioceses and provinces other than their own, we call on the provinces concerned to make adequate provision for episcopal oversight of dissenting minorities within their own area of pastoral care in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury on behalf of the Primates. On this coming Monday I will be meeting with the Pastoral Development Committee of the House of Bishops to begin to consider how best we can honor this concern, building on the already expressed willingness of our bishops to make provision for extended episcopal ministry in particular circumstances.

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May I take the pleasure of reporting with joy the news of NH's election in Singapore.

Former Methodist Bishop of Singapore had this to say in a sermon linked to this comment and I quote -

A remarkable person who has won the hearts and minds of the Episcopalians/Anglicans in his diocese in New Hampshire had also won the votes of 60% of the clergy and lay persons in the national Convention. He has become somewhat iconic - the new thing that God has done. God some years ago ordained the first woman clergy person from Hong Kong in the Anglican Church. In reality God has ordained a number of gays all these years in the "don't ask, don't tell" approach. However, Bishop Robinson is the first openly avowed homosexual to be consecrated bishop in the history of the world-wide Anglican Communion. Along the way the sacred cows of divorce, and cohabitation were also toppled. What God has done in Bishop Robinson has tremendous impact upon not only the Church but also upon other denominations and religions and
the secular world.

I am of the conviction that God who makes all things new has done this new thing at this appropriate time. As Bishop Spong has put it succinctly "It is clearly an idea whose time has come" and I must add even in Singapore and it is unstoppable.

Posted by: Lee Tuck-Leong on Friday, 24 October 2003 at 9:10am BST

It's clear from this that nothing matters more to those who are politically correct than the promotion and advocacy of homosexuality. They are even willing to destroy a denomination to get their way. Robinson said anyone who leaves will be "welcomed back." It is not up to him to welcome anyone back. His arrogance and willfullness appear to be without limits.

There is a precedent for a church that "celebrates" homosexuality and promotes the worship of the instincts - it was called Baal worship, and there is plenty of information about it in the Bible. Of course, that wouldn't be trendy.

Posted by: Bill Wells on Monday, 3 November 2003 at 7:31pm GMT