Monday, 3 November 2003

Monday press reactions

British newspaper websites have the following:
The Times Gay bishop consecrated amid threat of schism and Williams: my deep regret at division
The Telegraph Diatribes mar consecration of gay bishop and Williams anger as ceremony for gay bishop tears Church apart
The Guardian Gay consecration splits church and Two views from the pulpit - in just one church
The Scotsman Unholy row reaches its peak and this PA report, Parishioners Defiantly Support Their Bishop’s Consecration
The Sun Gay bishop cops swoop (worth reading this!)

The Independent Consecrated: but nothing prepared Gene Robinson for the protests
and ‘The communion is already broken. Now just prepare for the backlash’

The BBC Church divided over gay bishop and Archbishop ‘regrets’ divisions (each of these has a link to a video report too)
Also, radio reports (Real Audio required):
Jane Little on the Today programme
Interview with Robin Eames
Discussion with Philip Giddings, Derek Rawcliffe, and Judith Rose
James Jones on Thought for the Day
Addition: Text of James Jones thought is now here

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