Monday, 23 June 2008

still more on GAFCON

Earlier reports here.

Guardian Riazat Butt Williams accused of leading church into crisis and Profile: Michael Nazir-Ali

The Guardian has also published the full text of Archbishop Akinola’s speech.

The Times Ruth Gledhill Rebel bishop accuses Dr Rowan Williams over ‘apostasy’ and on her blog, Archbishop Akinola on error and apostasy

BBC Bishops criticise Anglican leader

Posted by Simon Sarmiento on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 8:43am BST | TrackBack
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I think attention should be drawn to +Akinola and +Orombi's answers at the press conference on the issue of violence toward homosexuals. +Akinola claims not to be aware of bishops who support jailing gay people. Um...hello? Try looking in a mirror. He supports the punishment of gay people, but omits to affirm this should not involve torture and rape when he had the chance. Later, when a reporter tries to clarify this, +Orombi claims ignorance of their existence. Again...hello? Try googling 'Uganda homosexuals torture' bishop and see what pops up! Finally +Jensen has to jump in and condemn violence on their behalf! What could easily have been a golden opportunity for +Akinola and +Orombi to clearly renounce all violence against homosexuals to the world's media was rejected in favour of avoidance and fauz ignorance. Shameful.

A transcript of the press conference can be found here -

The relevant bits:

"Lesbian/Gay Christian Movement: Don’t you feel the gospel is compromised by bishops who support jailing gay people in their countries?

Akinola: I am not aware of any.

Lesbian/Gay: One woman who has claimed or applied for asylum, she was jailed and raped repeatedly and marched for 2 miles but she may be sent back to a village in Uganda. Your laws say it is against the law and that means that they can be punished. Do you support that?

Akinola: Every society has its own laws. In your society these things are permissible. In ours many things, this one included, are not permissible. We do not have any word for homosexual behavior in our country. To that extent, those who are responsible for these laws want to keep other cultural influences out of the cultures of Africa.

NYT: I did not hear you condemn the use of torture or rape.

Orombi: I would not believe that a thing is done like that in the public knowledge. Some of those things, we do not know about that.

Jensen: Any violence against any person is wrong. I understand that is Orombi’s position as well and Akinola’s. I am right in speaking for all of us here. Any such violence within the prisons or in public or private against gay people or anyone else is condemned by us."

Posted by: MJ on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 9:17am BST

"We do not have any word for homosexual behavior in our country."

The response that occurs to me is a barnyard epithet.

Posted by: Pat O'Neill on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 11:30am BST

Ruth Gledhill is off to an excellent start with the press conference. I particularly liked her getting to the point with Jensen on Lay Presidency and his response that "the issue [of Lay Presidency] was not comparable to that of homosexuality because the question of administering communion is never addressed in the Bible, while homosexuality is".

Wonder how long the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" camaraderie will last among the Gafconites.

Posted by: Lapinbizarre on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 11:31am BST

Shalom from Jerusalem and GAFCON - MJ you will be delighted to know that I was the reporter what followed up Baxter's question on rape and torture. It did not escape my/our attention. A link to follow.

Posted by: riazat butt on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 12:54pm BST

"children of the Reformation."
I know at least one GAFFFEPRONITE who at least used to believe the Reformation was a necessary evil with far more evil than necessary. This should get interesting.

"urging for a listening process"
Yet they have ignored the more than three decade long urging that THEY listen.

"Many American revisionist dioceses and congregations withdrew their financial assistance to needy African dioceses."
I stand to be corrected, but didn't African dioceses REFUSE TEC money? As I remember, TEC never refused any financial aid in which case this is an out and out lie. What was it he said earlier about showing signs of Apostolic ministry?

"Our beloved Anglican Communion must be rescued "
Another outright lie, since the Church has no need of saving from a nonexistent threat.

"..'contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints'"
Oughtn't that read "to contend for the faith as radically revised 1500 years after it was delivered to the Saints"?

"the undistorted word of God written to a sinful and fragmented world"
God didn't write us a letter, He came to us Himself. Bibliolatry not Trinitarian theology. Is it "God the Word, God the Paper, God the Holy Binding"?

"Having survived the inhuman physical slavery of the 19th century.....kept in religious and spiritual dungeon."
And here it is: the white descendants of the colonialists must now pay for what their ancestors did in places like Africa. An understandable yet evil attitude. Too bad Spong and Harris said what they said. It was insulting, and now they are using that insult to fan the flames of postcolonial hatred.

"A sizeable part of the Communion is in error and not a few are apostate"
Many would say that part is the Global South.

"using money and other attractions to buy 'silence and compromise'"
We have clear evidence of this being true of the Global South. Can he give similar evidence that it is true of the Left?

"the tenets of Anglican biblical orthodoxy"
Which does not and never existed.

Fear mongering, romanticization of persecution and rebellion, distortions of history, all poorly covering frank bigotry.

Posted by: Ford Elms on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 12:56pm BST

You can support Prossy Kakooza, a 26-year-old lesbian woman seeking asylum in the UK. She fled Uganda after suffering vicious sexual, physical and verbal attacks due to her sexual orientation

~ Sign the international petition

Posted by: paul canning on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 7:38pm BST

paul, are you calling the Primate of Uganda a liar? He has assured us that such things are not done "in the public knowledge". Surely such a Godly man wouldn't lie about his country treating people in such an inhumane fashion? Surely he would come to the defence of any one of God's children so treated? Good heavens, man! Next thing you'll be saying that one doesn't show love to people if one casts them in jail, and another African primate has assured us that such a thing IS a loving act. (Trusting you can hear the sarcasm)

Posted by: Ford Elms on Wednesday, 25 June 2008 at 2:23pm BST
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