Comments: senior church appointments

Anthony Archer writes in GS Misc 765A: 'It is inexplicable that a cathedral council and chapter of an historic cathedral has no say whatever in the appointment of a dean ... What PCC would accept the nomination of an incumbent without knowledge of his or her identity?'

As a member of a cathedral council I agree with the sentiment that the Council should have a very much greater say in the appointment of the cathedral dean. However, the comparison with PCCs is unhelpful -- the PCC does not have any veto over the appointment of an incumbent, with or without knowledge of their identity.

Archer also writes: 'What is clear is that the diocesan is unable to consult over names (except presumably with the primate of his province), which makes his role in the process unnecessarily difficult.'

I had thought that the Bishop of St Albans had a leading role in the recent appointment of Jeffrey John as Dean of St Albans. Perhaps this was a result of the unique position of Dean of St Albans (the deanery being in the gift of the Crown, but held with the incumbent which is in the gift of the bishop).

Posted by Simon Kershaw at Monday, 31 January 2005 at 5:24pm GMT