Comments: Saturday before Lent

I would think that the reason Rome now bans gay priests from speaking out, is that it would reveal that it is the self-affirming homosexual priest who (be he committed to celibacy) is *least* likely to prey upon youth! "Sunlight is the best disinfectant"

Posted by J. C. Fisher at Tuesday, 8 February 2005 at 4:49am GMT

I was impressed by the article by the Roman Catholic priest.

Interestingly, not so long ago, RCs used to think homosexuality was "le vice anglican". I remember a Roman Catholic colleague remarking to me back in the 1970s, "At least when our lot get into a scandal, it's with a woman."

More recently, a feature of Roman Catholic life in England which has gone almost unobserved is the influx of gay former Anglicans since the C of E decided to ordain women. RC attention has tended to focus on the married priests who have "swum the Tiber", but even within my limited circle of acquaintance I can think of at least two former Anglican priests who are not only gay but live fairly obviously with another man who have emerged as "remoulds".

Posted by Alan Harrison at Tuesday, 8 February 2005 at 3:26pm GMT