Comments: Lies, Damned Lies and Cost of Conscience

For those who want to see some of this data on-line, go to Trushare at scroll down below the current ND issue, and you will find a section devoted to it. The whole of the September issue of ND is also available and contains a number of provocative articles...

Posted by Simon Sarmiento at Saturday, 6 September 2003 at 3:06pm BST

Cost of Conscience may be wrong in their assumption.
However it may also be said that it reflects the depth of faith in the clergy.
I also feel that it does go some way in answering why the Church of England is experiencing the difficulties in the Church and in attracting more people to the faith in the last decade or so.
As a 'bum on the pew' it would make mission easier with a clergy holding an unshakeable faith.
If the survey is removed I would still do feel, in my experience, that the conclusion is right.

Posted by D Brown at Sunday, 28 September 2003 at 9:29am BST