Comments: Sunday news

How do you know Lord Carey is saying something idiotic? His lips are moving.

To wit: “I remember teaching a young man years ago who lived with an older man - and I don’t think there was anything improper or anything like that in the relationship, he cared for him, he gave up almost his entire life for that older person who was quite sick.”

By “anything improper” I take it that Dr. Carey means S*E*X? Like sex and caring are somehow mutually exclusive? What the heck is happening in his marriage?!

Finally, there’s this: “the global south, that’s probably where the strength of Anglicanism is today. Vibrant churches, churches really reaching out in their society . . .”

Since the region of the “global south” most often cited is Africa, let’s compare Carey’s glowing description to that of an actual African (in the recent Vancouver Sun article):

“The fact is [African] society is fanatically religious,” Willy Matanga, the head of Kenya’s independent Human Rights Commission, said this month. Many Africans know homosexual relations are occurring, Matanga said, but they won’t talk about it. “I think the influence of religion in Africa is very harmful. They don’t allow proper sex education in school, don’t allow condoms in a country with HIV-AIDS. That kind of rubbish makes me very mad.”

Fanatic. Harmful. Rubbish. That’s not some “racist,” “elitist” white Episcopalian talking, but an African speaking out about the supposed “strength” of “vibrant churches, reaching out in their society.”

Too many bishops in the “global south” are out of touch w/ their countrymen&women, and Dr. Carey would have the whole Anglican Communion follow their example? Shall the blind lead the blind?

Posted by J. Collins Fisher on Sunday, 23 November 2003 at 10:29 PM GMT