Comments: The making of regulation 7(3)

The credibility of the Church in all of this is going to be tested by how keen the Church is, locally and in its own courts, to affirm the ministry of committed gay aspirants to the ministry of the Church. In other words, it will need to be seen to accept that homosexuality is not a barrier to ordination, per se.

It is also to be hoped that the Church may soon be disposed to accept the integrity of committed monogamous relationships of gay and lesbian persons within the ranks of the Church - both as faithful lay persons and in the ministerial Orders. For the Church to state categorically that gay and lesbian persons may not be called by God into the Church's ministry might just be contrary to the tenor of the Gospel - as it has been revealed through the emergence of a new, contemporary theology of human sexuality.

How the Church deals with the freedom that is given to it by the re-working of the Law will largely determine the growth - or, alternately, the repression - of a healthy congregational understanding of sexuality and vocation in the Church of this millennium.

Posted by Father Ron Smith at Monday, 1 June 2009 at 10:28pm BST

No, the credibility of the Church was lost a long time ago. Statements like we heard in the past few weeks, that "Christians are fed up to the teeth with human rights" just continue the process. For starters, the arrogance of someone claiming to speak for all Christians while expressing attitudes that at best apply to his particular little group is not only arrogant, but telling of their attitudes to the rest of us. Second, really, Christians are fed up with human rights? The world decided it didn't have any use for this kind of attitude several decades ago. We have had no credibility to lose for quite some time. Those who make these kinds of statements in the pursuit of promoting their own self assumed martyr status just perpetuate the problem.

Posted by Ford Elms at Tuesday, 2 June 2009 at 1:56pm BST

If our past is any guide, the only way through our global difficulties will be for certain religious believers to trash talk and intefere, all the while claiming loud high ground as to their own high holiness; chastely drawing up their skirts every time somebody accidentally gets bashed, because their preaching was unfortunately taken too literally by some poor sad, misguided other soul. The footnote codocil will ever be, those gay folks deserved it somehow for being gay in the first place.

Who hasn't heard several verses with chorus of that orthodox song well sung?

The situation is piled high with these difficulties. The conservative believer effort to have the trash talk preachments while not being soiled by the global violence at all levels in all forms - is the innate sentence they prounounce upon themselves. By their meanness towards gay folks, they are themselves measured and weighed. All human rights except their own are flimsy threadbare rags, as it were.

Such stubbornly traditionalistic believers still have not worked through, that they are diminishing the human rights of their own family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors, for real.

Orthodox believers complaining about human rights, indeed.

Posted by drdanfee at Tuesday, 2 June 2009 at 9:38pm BST
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