Comments: Tolerance is the key to our society

I blogged Rachel Cooke's article on my website for American religion journalists, It was a profoundly good article, and one much needed in the Anglican world -- I hope more journalists will follow her example in looking at the debates within the Anglican Communion. And, frankly, I hope that more people will reach the same conclusion she has.

Posted by jeff sharlet at Saturday, 27 December 2003 at 5:24am GMT

I am very glad that you posted Rachel Cooke's article. Once again it is good when one reads
an article that expresses a Christ centered point of view. Tolerance, is indeed, an important ingredient (including patience, humility, compassion, forgivenss) for the Church that must be inclusive if it is to help usher in the Kingdom of God. Every age brings great strains upon the Church; however, as the Church is the Body of Christ (however that may be defined), such strains will not destroy the Church. Most of the Church will continue to forge ahead helping bring the Kingdom in through
ordinary holy and compassionate lives.
Thanks be to God!
Clint, Holy Spirit, Waco, Texas, Diocese of Texas

Posted by Clint Capers at Monday, 5 January 2004 at 7:44pm GMT