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"we believe that the text of Section 4 as it stands commends itself in the current circumstances"

Well that's disappointing.

Posted by JCF at Thursday, 13 May 2010 at 8:09pm BST

"Having considered Section 4 of the Draft Anglican Covenant very carefully, and bearing in mind a full range of points of view, we believe that the text of Section 4 as it stands commends itself in the current circumstances"
- Appendix B, C.of I. Response to the Covenant -

Bearing in mind that Appendix B was presented by the Standing Committee of the Church of Ireland to the recent 2010 General Synod of that Church, one wonders if there will be any change at all to this thinking before the proposed next meeting of the Irish General Synod in 2011.

The Irish S.C.'s seeming acceptance of the entirety of Section 4 of the Draft Covenant would seem to be indicative of a willingness to fall in line with the A.C.of Nigeria's, Uganda's and other Provinces of the Global South contingent's desire to exclude the Provinces of TEC and the A.C.of Canada from the fellowship of the world-wide Anglican Body.

One wonders whether this desire for uniformity in the Communion - to the exclusion of the ongoing participation of TEC and the A.C.of C. is anything to do with the Church of Ireland's need to keep it's end up against the dominant magisterial structure of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

A question now is, will the independent Anglican Churches of Wales and Scotland follow suit? One hopes not! And how will the Mother Church of England itself be able to live with the upcoming jurisdictional restrictions of a Covenant, which would necessitate the C.of E. being subject to the same possibilities of exclusion from the Communion by other Provinces - such as Sydney, Nigeria or Uganda?

Posted by Father Ron Smith at Friday, 14 May 2010 at 1:14am BST

I am one of those Roman Catholics who thinks it is one of the greatest of all scandals of Christianity that we are not in full communion with our Anglican, Orthodox (Greek, Russian and every kind of Orthodox on Earth), and yes Methodist brothers and sisters. I know many Methodists of the extreme liberal branch who do incredible social justice work with the poor and hungry, as well as outreach to the glbt community. I know many Lutherans who also fit into the same category. It is truly ridiculous that at this late date in the early twenty-first century that we cannot break bread together around a common table. Our liturgical issues are really not that far removed from the basics. We need to get over our shortsightedness and act like true disciples of Christ. I believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharistic feast. I have to respect that we may each differ a bit from one another as to what this means, but for the sake of Christ's Church, isn't it time we actually bridge the gaps and actually enter into full communion? I am confused as to what positions the Anglican Church of Ireland and Scotland hold on this "Covenant" issue. I wish the entire matter of "Covenant" would just disappear. It appears a "divider" instead of a "uniter" and I fail to see its' true worth. I do not mean this disrespectfully.

Posted by Chris Smith at Friday, 14 May 2010 at 3:04am BST

Thank you for your kind words Chris Smith, but we can't even agree on things like the Apostolic succession within the AC, (and we, TEC, did a really shameful "snub" to our fellow Lutherans in the U.S. over this issue) let alone beyond it.

It is still refreshing to know that our travails are felt beyond our self-drawn borders, and yes, it ultimately distances us from God.

Now about that music we'd have at that common table....

Posted by evensongjunkie (formerly cbfh) at Friday, 14 May 2010 at 4:15pm BST

Isn't this the most important language? -- "and his new group under the chairmanship of the Archbishop of Dublin."

Of course the Standing Committee of the Church of Ireland is not going to get out in front of, or contradict, the work of that group.

Posted by Jeremy at Friday, 14 May 2010 at 11:59pm BST
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