Comments: IC newsletter

I am a Roman Catholic of the "orthodox" variety with an interest in liturgy who has for some years admired the aesthetic qualities of Anglican worship from afar. I have a great though somewhat conflicted admiration for a devotion so markedly "Catholic" in its emotional expression and a spirituality so firmly rooted in the most noble of ancient Christian sources and coexisting nonetheless with a type of theological speculation which in my church is typically associated with "liberal" lovers of banal liturgy and "relevant", this-worldly spirituality so prosaic as to fluster any vaguely mystical impulse.
My conscience tells me that no matter how far-ranging my own personal philosophical speculations may be or how frankly devoid of common sense some (very few) church teachings may at times appear, I can only calm my disquietude by submitting my intellect to the better judgement of the church's magisterium. However, I must emphatically state that I deeply admire the many brave Anglicans of good-will struggling with issues of human sexuality many Catholics simply prefer to ignore in favor of lazily falling back on "what the church teaches", without reflecting upon it. One of the weaknesses of a strong magisterial authority is that we "Thinking Catholics" are sometimes wont to let our most secretly "subversive" thoughts cower silently in the deepest recesses of our minds for fear of "offending God", without clamoring to the Lord ("..Illumina tenebras meas..") and realizing that the warm, caressing light of God's merciful love penetrates even our deepest darkness ("..Et descendit ad inferos..").
As can be seen with our current troubles in the Catholic Church, ignoring the fundamental human need for mature, healthy identification with another can have tragically unforeseen results. Anglicans will certainly have to pay a price for engaging in an open dialogue with no preordained conclusion. But for all my "orthodoxy", I cannot honestly say that we Roman Catholics will be any better for not doing the same.

Posted by sergio alferez at Friday, 19 March 2004 at 5:38am GMT