Comments: Why Internet Church?

'Why hasn't anyone done this before?' Actually some people have -various bits of ministry have been done in a more dispersed way thorugh email, irc, web-based message boards, blogs, email lists -heck ve been part of an e-Christian community for about eight or nine or ten years. What's new here is someone paying someone to do it. My questions is who is going to carry on paying given that the CofE is largley into judging effectivenes by potential share payments to a diocese?

I note in the job description that the means and ability to drive are essential -so not fully virtual; presumably irl meetings are part of the plan -so I can't apply to do it from Bradford then ... pity. It's a good idea to explore though.

Posted by Andii Bowsher at Monday, 8 March 2004 at 4:58pm GMT

The Oxford Diocese is to be commended for its prayerful ability to look beyond the conventional. Once again the Holy Spirit is active among us, reminding us that the Body of Christ is neither to be restrictive nor exclusive.
Clint Capers, Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, Waco, Texas, USA

Posted by Clint Capers at Tuesday, 9 March 2004 at 5:29pm GMT

Might be the start of something big. I do wonder where and how worship would be incorporated since that, ISTM, is the primary function of a church.

Posted by Don Mechlin at Tuesday, 9 March 2004 at 7:24pm GMT

What a fine idea. I've learned so much from the CofE thinkers and poets, I'd jump at the chance of belonging to the community to which they have been so devoted. It's a great way to "expand" on my current membership in the Anglican Church of Canada.
Serge Tittley, Thunder Bay, ON Canada

Posted by Serge Tittley at Wednesday, 10 March 2004 at 5:50pm GMT

Our post War II spirituality has emphasized community of believers, i.e., Bonheoffer's Life Together and Truebloods Real Life is Meeting. The i-church suggests that real life is connecting and then meeting, and spotlights the frequent experience of attending and worshipping but not really knowing others, thus not experiencing community! If this becomes a new Way for Christians perhaps we need to take a page out of the Howard Dean campaign and be intentional about providing for "Meet-Ups!" Local churches could join in by signing on as providers of sacred space or even "catacombs!" set aside for the Meet-Ups essential for nurturing Life Together in the context of post-Modern spirituality.

Posted by Homer McCue at Friday, 12 March 2004 at 5:43pm GMT

The idea is good.
the question inevitably is who will be minding the store?
With world Anglicanoism presently in such disarray would it not be better to widen the scope to the entire world-wide witness both in and out of Anglicanism or would that be too threatening.
Why indeed not go farther and rather than looking at ourselves, or wider afield, and look upwards as it were and see all Christians and potential Christians on earth as linked eternally with the Head of His Church, the one Body and inter-act with Him on behalf of today's generation?
Byron Nicholls.

Posted by Byron Nicholls at Sunday, 18 April 2004 at 10:54am BST