Comments: Sermon from Putney

Welcome to whoever will be our new Dean and Rector at St Albans soon, male or female, married or not. Hermeneutically, I believe that the man doing women's work (Mark 14.13) was an ex-temple guardsman in a burka who therefore knew how to evade capture after he had given the disciples the vital info - at the last minute and without anyone else knowing - where to meet for the last supper. I believe the temple guards were that efficient that they probably got him in the end. I also believe that this best walk-on part in the NT tells us much about God's willingness to use our talents in surprising ways, especially if we are willing to allow both sides of our nature to be used in his service. There seems little sign of fundamentalists being so willing or having the sense of humour ever to learn how to do so.

Posted by Michael Jameson at Sunday, 18 April 2004 at 11:35pm BST