Comments: a small cheer

Thank you for ths wonderful analysis.

Posted by Andrew Grimmke at Wednesday, 20 October 2004 at 3:24pm BST

W/ the caveat of "yes, it could have been worse," I'm still mystified by this comment:

"No matter how lightly we tread, we are treading on people’s souls, and that should always be done with both reluctance and genuine sadness."

Just how would one explain this to the Lord? "It's true that we're treading on the _infinitely precious_ souls that You, in Your Wisdom, created, redeemed and sustain . . . but we're doing so very lightly, so No Big."

But this is the essence of the conflict, isn't it? One side is judged for their *souls* (souls they didn't have any hand in creating), the other for their *power* (abusive power, which they did).

And since it's those _souls_, and not the power, which apparently contiminates, I guess it's no surprise why only one side is "requested" (the fist in the velvet glove, in good Anglican fashion) to stay at home, and not spread the infection.

[Methinks that the logic is, "It's only if you consecrated +Gene, that you're likely to have an episcopal intrusion---staying away thereby spares the intruders from having to look into the eyes of the apostle whose home they invaded."]

Posted by J. C. Fisher at Friday, 22 October 2004 at 1:38am BST

What the WR actually says about the American Bishops' proposals for delegated oversight is that they are "entirely reasonable, if they are approached and implemented reasonably by everyone concerned". Emphasis on "if" -- for reason is exactly what the extremist core of liberal bishops in the USA and Canada -- rigidly intolerant of dissent by faithful Episcopalians and Anglicans -- conspicuously lack. It is precisely because they are not 'reasonable', that many conservatives are seeking alternative oversight. If one could count on them to be reasonable, there would be no need for DEPO. The WR falls into naivety in this recommendation -- British churchmen perhaps finding it incredible that American and Canadian bishops should act in the fashion that in fact they do, and the official representatives of the North American church happy to maintain their illusions. Asking the liberal bishops to make the critical decisions about oversight, is like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop.

Posted by G. Dunbar at Tuesday, 26 October 2004 at 10:14pm BST