Comments: women bishops in England

If the Anglican church in England votes in favour of women bishops my faith in God and Christianity will remain strong.

However my respect for the modern church, which has already been damaged by it's acceptance of women priests and by it's tendency to grasp the coat tails of contemporary left wing political idealism (which, by definition, despises religion and the very concept of God), will have received it's final death blow.

I will not turn to Catholicism. I was born, and will remain, a Protestant.

I will simply wait for something to emerge from the remnants of a church that is being destroyed by left wing politics and by the fantasy of egalitarian extremism.

Something that will take root via the courage and faith of the many people who are still fully active within the church, who share my views and principles, but for whom, like myself, the decision to accept women bishops will prove to be the final straw.

The creation of a new and seperate Anglican church, based up traditionalist beliefs and the truth.

In other words a church that worships God, not politics.

Meanwhile I will personally practice my faith in my own mind and and my own heart and with the help of the wisdom that comes in the writing of people such as C.S.Lewis.

What would that great man say if he were to be given so much as a glimpse of the church as it exists today. I believe, before an expanation was given, he would think he was watching a grotesque satirical drama.

Posted by Peter Charnley. at Tuesday, 2 November 2004 at 3:21pm GMT