Saturday, 17 January 2004

February 2004 Synod Papers - Legislation

Here are the papers for February’s legislative business.

GS 1476B Draft Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure
GS 1476Z Report by the Steering Committee

This draft measure will be considered for final approval.

GS 1484A Draft Amending Canon 26
GS 1485A Draft Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 200-
GS 1486A Draft Clergy Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 200-
GS 1487A Draft Religious Communities (Lay Representation) Rules (Amendment) Resolution 200-
GS 1484-7Y Report by the Revision Committee

This is the legislation to reform the size and compostion of General Synod following on from the Bridge Report. In its report, the Revision Committee expresses the hope that it will come into effect before the General Synod elections in 2005.

GS 1505A Draft Stipends (Cessation of Special Payments) Measure
GS 1505Y Report of Revision Committee

GS 1524 Draft Pastoral (Amendment) Measure
GS 1424X Explanatory Memorandum

This will implement one of the recommendations of GS 1528 (the Report of the Review of the Dioceses, Pastoral and related Measures). It will permit a lease to be granted, under the authority of a faculty, of part (or parts) of a church which remains open for public worship, without recourse to a declaration of redundancy.

GS 1525 Draft Amending Canon No 27
GS 1525X Explanatory Memorandum

This makes some amendments to the Canons which are required to implement some proposals in the Common Worship Ordinal.

GS 1526 Single Transferable Vote (Amendment) Regulations 2004
GS 1526X Explanatory Memorandum

This deals with a conflict in the STV regulations, that can only occur in elections with constraints, and even then only in exceptional circumstances.

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