Wednesday, 21 January 2004

More Online Papers

The following papers for next months Synod are now online. They are all Word documents.

GS 1522 February 2004 group of sessions: Report by the Business Committtee (75 kB)

GS 1484 -1487Y Draft Amending Canon No 26 etc: Report by the Revision Committee (419 kB)

This is the legislation to reform the size and compostion of General Synod following on from the Bridge Report

GS 1530 Telling the Story: Being Positive about HIV/AIDS (243 kB)

This report will be debated at Synod on Thursday 12 February. Before the debate Hilary Benn, the Secretary of State for International Development, will address the Synod and answer questions.

GS 1532 The Gift of Authority (46 kB)

This is the Council for Christian Unity’s report on the ARCIC report The Gift of Authority.

GS Misc 731 Asylum (55 kB)

This is a background paper for a debate on Asylum to be held on Friday 13 February.

Two of these papers(GS 1522 and GS Misc 731) have not yet been mailed to Synod members.

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