Wednesday, 1 October 2003

Wednesday news roundup

Today the Telegraph has a story, a background piece, and a leader, all about a document found, or leaked, from Lambeth Palace about spin management. However, it turns out the document was written last June, which makes it a lot less interesting now.
Secret paper reveals Church spin plans to defuse gay crisis
The gatekeeper at Lambeth Palace
PR for JC
Later note: The Times carried a similar story.

Much more interesting is the story in The Times about what Tom Wright thinks.
Durham’s new Bishop abolishes Heaven and the soul. This relates to his new book For All The Saints? due to be published by SPCK on 24 October. Dr Wright says that Anglicans have drifted into a “muddle and a mess” over what happens to people after they die. They have put together “bits and pieces” of traditions, ideas and practices and created a “fudge” around the eschatological concepts of death, judgment, Heaven and Hell, he says.

Diarmid MacCulloch’s stunning radio interview yesterday is discussed on the TA blog.

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Another story about Tom Wright’s book is here in the CEN.

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The BBC radio programme Sunday interviewed Tom Wright about all this, and you can hear it with Real Audio, by linking here.

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