Wednesday, 1 October 2003

News from Melbourne

Three items in Thursday’s Melbourne newspaper The Age caught Google’s alert eye :-) with Anglican content.
Muriel Porter’s Pell’s promotion cements push to a narrow church is subtitled The rise of traditionalists in Catholicism and Anglicanism puts the gospel in danger. About Archbishop Jensen, she says “Jensen’s activism on the world stage is geared to undermining the Anglican leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams… In a chilling recent interview, Jensen has said that the primates, when they meet in London in mid-October, must “offer such discipline to the North American churches that they could be faced with the need for repentance”. And the only discipline available is “withdrawal of fellowship”. He continued: “This is necessary because all around the world, not least in Africa, association with the decadent West is being used to criticise Christians and hinder the work of the gospel.”

In another article, Sydney bishop: time’s up for gays the newspaper reports in more detail on the content of an article to be published in Britain in the October issue of New Directions, the FiF magazine. Here is part of what The Age reports.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has “misjudged the present situation, and his peaceable approach has run out of time”, Dr Jensen writes.
Dr Jensen believes Dr Williams has three options. The first is to do nothing - but this would confirm the authority of heretical dioceses and drive orthodox believers out of the church.
The second option is to recognise both positions on homosexuality as valid, but conservatives could not accept this. It would ensure Anglicanism became merely a loose network rather than a church, Dr Jensen writes.
The third is to expel the US and New Westminster from the Communion. This would be the riskiest and bravest option, and would force many liberals out of the church, but would send a powerful moral and spiritual message to the church in the West, he writes.”
I will link to the full article in New Directions as soon as it is available.

Oh yes, the third article from Melbourne is a bit of an anti-climax, Church turns the other cheek reports that retired bishop John Spong will preach in Brisbane Cathedral this Sunday, a contrast to 2001 when the former archbishop banned him.

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