Friday, 31 October 2003

more reviews for Diarmaid

The book is REFORMATION: EUROPE’S HOUSE DIVIDED, 1490-1700 By Diarmaid MacCulloch, Allen Lane/Penguin, £25, pp.831, ISBN:0713993707.

Later addition:
This one on 1 November, in the Guardian from David Edwards, The door to a new church

Daniel Swift in the Spectator

And today, Richard Chartres in the Church Times

Richard Chartres says:
At a time when we are perhaps better able to appreciate and fear the reality of religious passion than our immediate forebears, MacCulloch helps us to enter into the minds of furious disputants. At the same time he exposes the many ironies in the story, such as the earnest efforts of the eirenic Cardinal Pole to reconcile the realm of England to the Roman obedience while being himself on the run from the Holy Inquisition.
As we ponder the reconciliation of the successor parts of the Western Church and reach out to the Christian East, this book helps us to understand the complexity of the task, and gives us the humility necessary if we are to make progress. Including the notes, select bibliography and the useful index, Reformation extends to 832 pages. Once embarked upon it, however, I found it impossible to put down.

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