Thursday, 6 November 2003

Thursday papers

George Carey has written a letter to The Times. So has Tom Wright. You can read them both here. The point made by Tom Wright is taken up in the news story by Ruth Gledhill, Consecration of gay bishop harms Church, says Carey which is however mostly about the launch of Fulcrum and what Tom Wright said at that event last night, which included:

“One of the extraordinary things is that in all the meetings I have had in Durham over the last three or four weeks, nobody has been talking about Gene Robinson, or about sex.”

The Telegraph has found two CofE diocesan bishops who allow blessings, as in Bishops allowing clergy to defy ban on gay prayers.
This matter is also covered in tomorrow’s Church of England Newspaper, here.

The most interesting church story from the USA right now is from Pittsburgh, where the ECUSA diocese holds its annual convention (synod) on Saturday, at which various constitutional amendments, concerning the relationship of the diocese to the national church, will be considered.
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has Meeting here could start church split, and this Associated Press report has been syndicated to many papers.
This is the diocese which has a lawsuit pending, filed by one of its own parishes seeking to prevent it separating. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports today that this action was not supported by the national church, Episcopal leaders tried to stop lawsuit.
There is organised opposition to the diocese in the form of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh.

But this, from the Johannesburg Star, deals with a much more urgent problem for all Anglicans, African Anglicans should speak out.

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Good site. We appreciated it during the Primates Meeting and the lead up and follow up to Bishop Robinson’s consecration. It helped give additional news to what we find on “Every Voice Network” (liberal) and the Anglican Media Sydney (ultra-conservative) sites.

Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Bob Semes at November 6, 2003 08:57 PM
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