Friday, 7 November 2003

News on Friday

Very little in the morning papers in Britain. Here is an older item I missed, from 3 November, Q&A: African Anglicans and the gay bishop Ruth Gledhill answers.

However, later in the day, the following stories from a local weekly, the Chester Chronicle appeared:
Bishop tells gays to seek a cure
‘Gays can have their sexuality changed’
and Liberal vice dean calls for church to change attitude.

These remarks (apparently made on Monday) by Peter Forster are all the more surprising in view of what he said on Tuesday, in my presence, part of which is reported by the Church Times in Sex report is not a cudgel, say bishops which says:

“Bishop Forster said the document had only strengthened his conviction that sexual intercourse should remain within marriage; but this view “should not be used as a stick to beat over people’s heads”. The document also upheld the Church’s teaching on inclusivity.

Bishop Forster said: “Here we have four bishops whose views are not identical, but we have agreed this text. That says something in itself. Both sides are explored in depth in this guide.”

The Church Times has coverage of earlier events:
Thousands attend Robinson’s consecration and witness protests
ECUSA won’t heed Eames Commission, say Primates and
UK churchmen voice pain at division, pleasure at honesty

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