Sunday, 9 November 2003

British church news

Not a good day for bishops.

Bullying bishops haven’t a prayer as clergy join working classes says the Sunday Times

MEMBERS of the clergy are set to gain full employment rights, ending their centuries-old status as “employees of God”, not entitled to the same protection enjoyed by conventional workers.

Round up all the useful idiots as Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph criticises their involvement in English regional government.

Vanishing Zurbarans and a holy black hole Peter McGill in the Independent reports on the financial crisis in the Church of England

And the BBC reports on what Peter Forster said, Bishop: Gays should see a doctor.

Peter Forster was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme. Listen to what he said here.
The Press Association has confirmed a report originally made last night on Channel 4 Television News, Gay ‘reorientation’ bishop to be questioned by police.
And now also on the BBC Police question bishop over gay row and
in tomorrow’s Independent Police to question bishop over gay ‘cure’ comment

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