Thursday, 13 November 2003

international press items

from Africa
Archbishop Malango of Central Africa has challenged Michael Peers’ interpretation of the Primates Statement, Archbishop Malango on Adequate Oversight and the Primates Letter.

Gays Are Rebels, Archbishop Nkoyoyo Says in The Monitor (Kampala)
Bishop Senyonjo Backs Gay Clergy in The Monitor (Kampala)
Ugandan lecturers told to marry BBC - this is the same university of which Stephen Noll is vice-chancellor
The Failure of Liberal Protestantism in This Day (Lagos) - opinion column
US Episcopal Church Will Not Cut Assistance to Church of Uganda in New Vision (Kampala).

from Canada
Indigenous bishop, alternative church structures to be studied by Anglicans in the Vancouver Sun

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Another great selection of articles, Simon.
I’m happy that the Ugandan paper, “New Vision,” has essentially issued a retraction of their earlier story (that ECUSA would be cutting funds to anti-gay Anglicans around the world). I sent the paper a letter to complain about this falsehood (and to speculate whether the earlier story—-attributed by the Ugandan bishop to “Episcopal organizations”—-might not in fact have been deliberate misinformation from Episcopal conservatives).
Wading through the dreck of Kendall’s blog (titusonenine), it was interesting to see Archbp. Malongo’s declaration/interpretation that—-surprise!—-what’s sauce for the conservative goose is not sauce for the liberal gander. Conservatives in liberal dioceses will be mandated alternative episcopal oversight, but not liberals in conservative dioceses also.
Finally, there’s this gem from the Lagos opinion column: “A democratic church is a flawed church. This is because the church cannot be run like a democracy where debates and votes are taken on what should stand as the truth. No. The truth has been there.”
And who/how, pray tell, determines this “truth [that] has been there”? (Hint: the author cites J.H. Newman’s solution approvingly. Habemos Papa!)
No. The truth has been there: as Winston Churchill put it, “democracy is the worst form of governance . . . except for all the others.”
God bless the General Convention!

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at November 14, 2003 04:58 AM