Saturday, 15 November 2003

Saturday news

The Belfast Telegraph reports Eames ‘left to pick up pieces’ over gay bishop, which is based on an editorial in the Church of Ireland Gazette, PICKING UP THE PIECES which accompanies a news story, Archbishop Eames seeking ‘path forward’ for Anglican Communion

Who says being a vicar is a safe job? Read this in The Times: Vampire duo jailed for attack on vicar.

But the Independent thinks there is a danger of nobody showing up for church tomorrow, Pubs ready for rush but pews may be empty (Note to the uninitiated: this is about Rugby Union football, the televised game - to be played in Australia - starts at 9 am GMT)

The Press Association (via the Scotsman) reports that RW will be travelling again: Anglican and Orthodox Leaders Top Hold Talks.

Alexander Chancellor, writing in the Guardian will not be sorry if the Anglican Communion falls apart, What an unholy mess. Terry Philpot writes there also about Alan Paton, Remember, the beloved country.

News reports from abroad:
If you have not been following the Canadian saga, this report, Anglicans try new approach in same-sex dispute and the links from it cover the ground quite thoroughly.

And here’s a different kind of story from Africa, Serene Shrine With an Eerie History in the Nation (Nairobi). It’s about the gravesite of Bishop James Hannington.

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