Monday, 1 December 2003

challenge to new law

Today the Trades Union Congress announced a High Court challenge to the religious exemption clauses of the new employment regulations. TUC challenge government on gay rights. The trade unions involved are: Unison, Amicus, the Public and Commercial Services Union, the RMT and teaching unions NUT, NAS/UWT and NATFE.
Later, the Press Association reported that the Evangelical Alliance has been given permission to argue its case for “religious autonomy” by intervening in the case.

The Alliance - described in court as representing “a multiplicity of Christian organisations” including the Christian Schools Trust - says they have the right to formulate and apply their own policies regarding the employment of gays as clerics and as teachers in faith schools.

Meanwhile similar regulations came into effect in Northern Ireland, and there also they were criticised for containing an exemption for religious organisations. See Gays to Get Legal Backing at Work.

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