Thursday, 1 April 2004

Cult appoints Man

The Oxford branch of controversial Middle Eastern cult ‘Christianity’ has, in a surprising move, chosen a man as leader of the Reading area. This leader, or ‘bishop’, will be required to wear purple and oversee the cult in Berkshire.
Cult members in Oxfordshire were stunned by the move. Giles Fraser, a mercenary recruited during the Talk Wars of 2003, commented, ‘Purple? Leadership? That does seem a role more suited to a woman.’
Others were more welcoming. Philip Giddings, Hobbit-in-Chief of Greymalkin, Reading, smiled enigmatically and commented: ‘Lovely, just lovely, but can I have fries with that?’
‘Christianity’ began in the Middle East, but spread to the UK using trading routes, disease vectors and giant hollow whelks. Those infected with the ‘Anglican’ strain of the virus are known to display a love of cake-making, fete-throwing, floral dresses and, more recently, vicious in-fighting.

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