Monday, 26 January 2004

more on General Synod

I failed to note previously the official CofE press release concerning the forthcoming session. Here it is.

Today The Times has Bishops urged to make vows of priestly poverty. The motion to which this story relates is not necessarily going to be debated. It is listed as a contingency item on the agenda, i.e. it will only be taken at this session if a gap in the timetable opens up due to other business completing early. An extract from Ruth Gledhill’s account:

The General Synod is to debate a private members motion in which bishops will be asked to give up nearly half of their £33,000 stipends to earn the same as a parochial clergyman or woman.
The motion, if successful, will cut the stipends of all dignitaries in real terms over time to the £17,940 earned by the ordinary parish priest in the Church of England, a stipend still about six times the allowance of priests in the Roman Catholic Church.
The motion is thought to be unlikely to succeed but is certain to arouse fierce debate as bishops seek to defend their rewards in the face of an attempt by Church officials to force parishes instead of the Church Commissioners to fund them. The commissioners want to switch more than half of the burden of financing the Church’s 110 bishops on to the dioceses, which means that parishes will soon have to find an extra 5 million a year to pay for their ministry, on top of financing clergy stipends and pensions and repairs to church organs and roofs.

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