Monday, 9 February 2004

Synod coverage

Reports from synod that I write myself (one so far) will be found on Thinking Anglicans here.

Reports from other sources will continue to be linked right here.

Another BBC story Vicar condemns ‘racist’ voting.
The business committee of the synod arranged today to give this motion a higher priority in the agenda than initially provided, to ensure that it got a hearing this week. In fact, it got a hearing at the end of today’s session.

The Press Association has reported part of the remarks Rowan Williams made at the start of the synod about the Eames commission, which starts work this week in Windsor. Gay Priests Commission Faces ‘Unprecedented Difficult Challenges’.

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Simon, there is a discrepancy in the reports about the commission’s exact timetable. ‘It will probably report at the beginning of next year he told the Synod members, with a number of interim reports to be issued before’ is what the PA article says, but other sources say the final report is still to be in September. See here

Posted by: kendall Harmon at February 22, 2004 12:18 AM