Monday, 23 February 2004

more on the Lambeth Commission

The Church Times carried this report:
Commission warns against harming unity
The CEN carried this one:
Criticism of ‘strident language’ in gay row
The Belfast Telegraph had Gay clerics: Anglicans urge calm in which Robin Eames is specifically reported to have confirmed the September 2004 completion date. This seems possibly to be contrary to what Rowan Williams said earlier at General Synod:

The Commission has deliberately a limited life. It will report to the Primates probably at the very beginning of the next calendar year, and interim reports will be issued meanwhile.

Every Voice Network carried this report by Kevin Jones:
Conservative fireworks backfire at Eames Commission as AAC retreat continues which says that a visit to the USA by John Rees, legal consultant to the commission, has been delayed until April.

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