Wednesday, 10 March 2004

His Dark Materials

The papers are full of reports about Rowan Williams and his views on Philip Pullman’s work.
‘A near-miraculous triumph’ Archbishop Rowan Williams reveals how it felt to see religion savaged and God killed in His Dark Materials
Archbishop praises author accused of blasphemy Stephen Bates comments:

…Archbishop of Canterbury who has risked the wrath of fundamentalists by praising the National Theatre’s adaptation of the author’s His Dark Materials as a “near miraculous triumph”.
Rowan Williams, already regarded with some suspicion by conservative evangelicals for his liberal social views, writes in today’s Guardian: “This extraordinary theatrical adventure sets a creative religious agenda in a way hard to parallel in recent literature and performance.”

The Times
Archbishop wants pupils to be taught tale of wicked priests and a dying God
Pullman’s ‘blasphemies’ should be part of RE studies, says Archbishop
Williams backs Pullman
Archbishop wants Pullman in class

What Rowan Williams said in his Downing Street lecture is available in full from his own website:
Belief, unbelief and religious education - Downing Street
Warning: this discussion starts with the arrest of Polycarp in 156.

Update Thursday
The Telegraph has an opinion on all this: Archbishop and atheist

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