Tuesday, 22 June 2004

synod news stories

Peter Owen has started to list the documents issued for the July session of General Synod at York, and will report official CofE website links to electronic copies of the documents or press releases about the synod. See Peter Owen’s Journal for details.

I will now start linking here to news stories from the media about synod.

Jonathan Petre got in first with this report on Monday, before the press briefing.
Telegraph Bishops face demand to halve their pay

Today both Ruth Gledhill and Stephen Bates wrote about the proposal to replace the current legislation relating to discipline for matters doctrinal or liturgical. This would bring the handling of such matters into line with the other recent legislation on clergy discipline, which has now been approved by Parliament.

Guardian Debate on unorthodox clergy
The Times Liberal clergy facing the threat of heresy trials

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