Thursday, 24 June 2004

Discipline unwelcome

The Church of England Newspaper reports mixed views about the proposed Clergy Discipline (Doctrine) Measure in Bishop says discipline measure will kill Anglicanism.

Predictably, Bishop David Jenkins is against the measure. But more interestingly the CEN says:

In The Times on Tuesday the religion correspondent, Ruth Gledhill reported that the measure “could enable the evangelical wing of the Church to lay siege to the liberals in ways that they have previously only dreamed of.”

In reality it is evangelicals who have the most to fear since many of their clergy routinely defy the canons on dress and liturgy – a matter which is much more easily proved in a tribunal than allegations of uttering dodgy doctrine during a sermon.

Archdeacon Alan Hawker, the author of the new tribunal system of discipline in the Church of England and a supporter of bringing worship and doctrine under the new rules, argued that evangelicals were more likely to be targeted than liberals.

He said that many safeguards had been built into the Measure, to prevent frivolous complaints. “The problem in my opinion is not evangelicals of the Reform-type going after liberals, all the evidence of America is that evangelicals will be targeted,” he argued.

This was precisely my own reaction on first reading the report.

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