Saturday, 10 July 2004

Saturday pm reports

Press Association
Church of England Rejects Heresy Courts Proposal

The proposal was defeated in the House of Clergy by a margin of only 4 votes.

Bishops 27-12
Clergy 99-103
Laity 164-51

Added item
BBC Clergy vote no to ‘heresy courts’

Press Association
Synod Votes for Radical Overhaul of Church Weddings

Church backs marriage changes

Earlier the Synod rejected the proposals for increasing the fees paid to church lawyers. They wanted them to be higher.

At Question Time a major change was announced in the CofE legal opinion concerning the acceptability in England of episcopal acts performed by women bishops in other Anglican provinces. See here for the documents issued.

It was not clear from the supplementary questions and answers how or when this legal opinion would be applied in practice. More about this later.

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