Saturday, 10 July 2004

Archbishop's answers

At Question Time two of the questions were put to, and answered by, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in his capacity as Chairman of the House of Bishops of the General Synod.

Mr Peter LeRoy (Bath and Wells)
Q. Given the Archbishop of Canterbury’s appeal for restraint pending the outcome of the Eames Commission, what steps will the House take to restore unity and clarity following the involvement of the diocesan bishop and the Prime Minister’s office in the controversial appointment to a deanery of an advocate of teachings contrary to the agreed position of the House of Bishops in Issues in Human Sexuality (1991)

A. With regard to current challenges in the Anglican Communion, the restraint I called for was focussed on the avoidance of action that pre-emptively changes existing structural relationships and disciplinary provisions in advance of the Eames Commission’s findings. No such changes bearing on these matters have been contemplated or made within the Church of England in relation to recent appointments.

Mrs Elizabeth Bridger (Norwich)
Q. Given that the Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken of ‘discipline and boundaries’ in the context of recent events in ECUSA, has the House considered what that discipline is and where the boundaries lie, and does it intend to exercise that same discipline and apply the same boundaries in relation to the Church of England?

A. The House has not considered these issues in the context of ECUSA as it has no authority in another province. However, the Commission chaired by Archbishop Eames has been mandated to consider these questions as they affect the Communion overall, and we can’t properly speculate about its recommendations at this point. However, as to matters of discipline and boundaries in our own Church, they are established in its measures and canons and applied in the context of the Church’s relevant formal public statements. As Mrs Bridger will be aware, certainly in the light of today’s session, Synod has had full opportunity for discussion of disciplinary processes.

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