Saturday, 10 July 2004

legal opinion

Acts by Women Bishops

One of the questions put to the Chairman of the Legal Advisory Commission, Professor David McClean was this:

Q. Has the Legal Advisory Commission considered whether it is possible for a priest who has been ordained by a female bishop of another province of the Anglican Communion to obtain authority to serve as a priest in the Church of England at this present time, either for a temporary period or in a long-term post, and is each diocesan bishop free to determine this, or is there presently a national policy?

A. The Commission addressed this matter in the same Opinion. A priest ordained in an Anglican Province outside the British Isles and wishing to minister in England needs the permission of the archbishop of Canterbury or York under the Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967. Once that permission is given, the priest is subject to the same rules as a priest ordained in the Church of England. The Commission’s Opinion is that, contrary to the view taken by Archbishop Runcie in 1988, as a matter of law permission may be given under the 1967 Measure to a priest ordained by a woman bishop, though the grant of permission in each particular case is a matter within the discretion of the relevant archbishop. The Opinion, which will be posted on the noticeboard, and is already on the CofE website under Papers, also examines the issues that would arise were another Anglican Province in the British Isles to have women bishops.

See also here for a link to the Word document on the CofE site. The document is also now available in html here.

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