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Synod day three

BBC Radio reports from the Today programme this morning, before the debates. Listen with Real Audio.

Robert Pigott reports. The General Synod, the Church of England’s Parliament, is debating women bishops again today. Listen 2 minutes

Campaigners in favour of women bishops are protesting at the Synod building of the Church of England. Jane Little is there. Listen 4 minutes

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sermon at Holy Communion before the session

Archbishop’s speeches in the debates
Speech in Take Note debate on the theology of Women in the Episcopate

Speech moving motion on Women in the Episcopate
Speech summing up the debate on Women in the Episcopate

Reports after the debates:
Press Association Synod has Lively Debate on Issue of Women Bishops
BBC First step towards woman bishops which has links to two video clips, a report by Robert Pigott and an interview with Vivienne Faull.
Reuters Church moves towards women bishops
Telegraph ‘A thousand parishes’ oppose women bishops
Associated Press (via Beliefnet) Church of England to Consider Allowing Women Bishops
The Times Ruth Gledhill Synod paves the way towards first women bishops by 2010
Guardian Stephen Bates Welcomes and warnings in women bishops debate
Telegraph Jonathan Petre Synod overcomes dissent to pave way for women bishops
and editorial comment: A broad Church has room for women bishops
Independent Synod closer to women bishops after bitter debate
Yorkshire Post Michael Brown Women a step closer to being bishops after Synod debate

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Karen B.
Karen B.
19 years ago

Simon, I thought you might be interested in the following sermon delivered by ++Rowan Williams at the Eucharist on Wed.

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