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Clergy Discipline Measure – consultation on Rules and Code of Practice

The Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 received Royal Assent in July 2003. It is likely to come into effect towards the end of this year. There is a very good summary of both the current and new arrangements here on the Oxford diocesan website. Note however that the new measure does not apply to “matters involving doctrine, ritual or ceremonial”. These will continue to be governed by the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1963.

Before the new arrangements can come into effect, Rules (to carry into effect the provisions of the Measure) and a Code of Practice (providing guidance, explanation and best practice) need to be finalised by the Rule Committee and the Clergy Discipline Commission respectively, approved by Synod and, in the case of the Rules, laid before Parliament in the form of a Statutory Instrument under the ‘negative resolution’ procedure.

The Rule Committee and the Commission have drafted the Rules and the Code of Practice and they are now seeking comments. Full details of the consultation and how to make comments are here.

The measure and the drafts are online here:

Clergy Discipline Measure 2003
draft Rules
draft Code of Practice

The drafts are each about 3.5 MB and contain a total of 139 pages.

The intention is that the Rules and Code of Practice will be brought to General Synod for approval in July 2005. As a result the closing date for the consultation is midday on Tuesday 5 April 2005 and this deadline will be strictly observed.

The members of the Clergy Discipline Commission are listed here.

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Justin Lewis-Anthony
Justin Lewis-Anthony
19 years ago

It’s wonderful that we are asked to make our comments on these documents by the Tuesday after Easter Week. In effect it means that busy and conscientious parish priests can spend Easter week pondering on these serious matters. Two things strike me immediately, both from the Code of Practice. (1) The bishop’s role. It says “It is the duty of the diocesan bishop to administer discipline over clergy. It is also the duty of the bishop to provide pastoral support for clergy within his cure. The performance of these duties may be delegated, but the diocesan bishop retains overall responsibility.… Read more »

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