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Pope: Wednesday

It’s getting more difficult for journalists to find something interesting to say as the funeral preparations continue. Read Media descend on Rome for Pope’s funeral from the Guardian to see how reporters are coping. As before, a small selection from the British newspapers and the BBC only:

Jonathan Jones Admire the stage instead
Stephen Bates Expert believes dignity is preserved

Peter Popham As the mourners queue, Cardinals begin secret deliberations to choose a new Pope

The Times
Richard Owen and Ruth Gledhill A subtle campaign of handshakes, hints and huddles

Ferdinand Mount He was a great pope. . . but he deserted the search for truth
Jonathan Petre and Bruce Johnston Cardinals disagree over vow of silence

Saving souls in cyberspace
Head-to-head: Challenges for new Pope
and there is a video clip (Real Player required) featuring Emily Buchanan discussing Choosing Pope John Paul II’s successor

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