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Today the Church Times breaks the news that somebody has produced a handbook to help organisations avoid having to employ non-Christians.
Bill Bowder’s story is headlined How to employ only Christians – a guide.
I’m sending off for a copy of this book immediately.
Here is some more background in a 6 June press release from the Evangelical Alliance.

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David Walker
David Walker
20 years ago

This is reported in today’s Church Times. I am not very happy with what seems to be an attempt to push the law so far that an organisation can require a faith base for all its employees. The CT report also, and even more worryingly, suggests that DTI are pretty laid back about it all. Whilst I am happy that sometimes key posts in organisations should have a faith requirement (and have recruited on that basis) the presumption should be that prospective employees accept and work with the Christian ethos rather than subscribe to any doctrinal basis themselves. And it… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
20 years ago

Saturday’s Times had a further article about this, written by Ruth Gledhill and “available here”:,,175-797590,00.html with the title *Christian groups ‘plan job purge of unbelievers’.* The article includes a number of quotes from the document.

I suspect the DTI’s attitude is coloured by the alleged interference by No. 10 in their preparation of the new legislation, but in any case the agency most influential in how this all works in practice will be ACAS.

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