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General Synod: church press coverage

Church Times
Women bishops clear first hurdle in Synod
Women bishops: law to be tackled
Admitting children to communion is ‘gaining ground’
Euthanasia rejected as ‘bad medicine’
Southwell name
Ordinal passed after last-minute changes
presidential address
Synod hears of impatience for unity
‘Learn from good interfaith experience’ Synod told
Fund launched to fight poverty gets Synod backing
Code for clergy discipline agreed
standing orders
‘In God we trust – but everybody else we audit’
synod revue
Hind follow-up
parochial fees
2006 budget

Church of England Newspaper reports are below the fold.

Church of England Newspaper
General Synod: Vote in favour of women bishops
General Synod: Presence and Engagement
General Synod: Church fees
General Synod: Strategic Spending Review
New breath of life for Church Urban Fund
General Synod: Presidential Address
General Synod: Ordination Services
General Synod: Methodist Covenant
General Synod: Formation for ministry within a learning church
General Synod: Assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia
General Synod: Children and Holy Communion
General Synod: Question Time

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