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Updated again Wednesday
News reports and press releases will be collected here as they appear.

The Times published this before the release of the statement
Gay clergy can ‘marry’ but no sex
and this onine (only?) afterwards (both Ruth Gledhill)
Catch 22 for gay clergy in new church sex code

LGCM issued this statement

Guardian Stephen Bates
Church struggles with the concept of celibacy in same-sex partnerships
and this column Stop the denial

The Church of England has announced that it will support civil partnerships for gay priests, as long as they don’t have sex for the rest of their lives. Here, Richard Haggis, a practising priest and homosexual, calls for his superiors to see the error of their ways

Letters in response to the above item

Telegraph Jonathan Petre
‘Marriages’ but no sex for gay clergy

Letters in response to this report

Eastern Daily Press (local paper in Norwich)
No blessings for gay marriages

Agence France-Presse
Church of England bans clergy from blessing gay civil partnerships

Church row over gay unions
(perhaps more a local reaction to this entirely separate Scottish story from the Herald Episcopal gay clergy row heads for tribunal hearings)

BBC Today radio programme
Two segments:

0724 Has the Church of England changed its policy towards recognising same-sex partnerships? Our Religious Affairs Correspondent Robert Pigott reports. Listen here (Real Audio – 3 minutes)

0856 Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream, and Rev Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude, discuss the Church of England’s stance on gay marriage. Listen here (Real Audio – 5 minutes)

Affirming Catholicism has Bishops’ statement on Civil Partnerships ‘deeply disappointing’

Ekklesia says Affirming Catholics challenge C of E on same-sex unions

Manchester Evening News
Church bans same-sex blessings

BBC Radio 4 News World at One:Interview with David Page, also short clip of Graham James Bp of Norwich, and comment from Ruth Gledhill.
This segment starts some 23 minutes into the 30 minute programme.
This link is no longer available.

InclusiveChurch has Bishops’ Pastoral Care Lacking

Anglican Mainstream has Need for clear teaching

Gay couples ‘will not be blessed’

The Times Ruth Gledhill comment column Bishops in the mire

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J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

“Looking distinctly uncomfortable in announcing the policy, the Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich . . . The bishop glowed pink when asked what would constitute a sexually active relationship and whether just kissing would qualify.” Uncomfortable and glowing pink? I wonder why. ;-/ But nevermind that. This is what gets me: “A House of Bishops’ statement said: ‘Partnerships will be widely seen . . .'” In Christian perspective, everything that follows is IRRELEVANT. Christians are NOT to judge by the way something is “seen”!!! (“Whited sepulchres”, Hello?) If the CofE Bishops can’t wrap their heads around this—one of… Read more »

18 years ago

Usual silliness, which will be ignored and makes the CofE look daft.

Nothing new there.

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