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Pat Ashworth in the Church Times reports Akinola’s demand to ‘suspend’ C of E viewed with caution:

The Anglican Communion Office has tried without success to contact Archbishop Akinola, who is on holiday until 8 August. Its spokesman, James Rosenthal, said on Wednesday: “We are trying to verify the story from the Archbishop’s office in Nigeria, and have not been able to do that. We are concerned, because it is a very serious matter.” Lambeth Palace said that it could not comment until the story was verified.

Archbishop Akinola is believed to be planning to make a full statement.

Over in the Press Column, not yet on the web, Andrew Brown notes that:

The attribution of the quotes to serious church leaders rather than some random vituperating blowhard on the internet is something that might be missed by a non-specialist. You couldn’t discern it from the language used. They all talk the same way.

The idiots on the internet sound as if they could decide the fate of modern Christianity; the Primates’ opinions have the weightless freedom of email.

The column contains more on this subject…

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18 years ago

From the Church Times: “Archbishop Akinola is believed to be planning to make a full statement.”

Methinks he hath already said too much :P)

18 years ago

Surely if the statement wasn’t from Akinola, someone at the Province of Nigeria would have said so?

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